Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Accidental" Yarn Find and Purchase.....

My DH and I went to the indoor flea market in Woonsocket today. We try to stop by there about once a month or so. I've gotten some good deals from the owner. Once, I found a pile of vintage knitting needles and he let me purchase the whole pile for $2 . Another time, he had some great plastic drawer containers that roll. I had found these at Walmart previously for around $30. I got the tall one and big 3 drawer one for $8 total. Other finds have been just as good.
Today, however, he was not there. Instead, a woman I don't know was working. As I walked around the shop, I didn't think I would find anything worthwhile.

Suddenly, there it was....just sitting on the floor. It was a bag of yarn. Now, this is older yarn that obviously was some one's stash at one time. Inside the bag I found another bag with 10 skeins of a dark heathered purple wool, mohair, viscose blend. Also, several cotton skeins, a few other small hanks, and a skein of lace weight natural in need of re-winding. I ended up with all except the cotton.

I turned the corner, and peaking out from under the bottom shelf was another bag of yarn. It had a one Pounder skein of bright red poking it's way out and caught my attention. Inside the bag was a fair isle sweater someone had started. I have never done fair isle, but, the yarn drew me in. I ended up with about 10 small skeins of DK weight in various colors and 6 small skeins of the same yarn in a evergreen shade. I don't usually wear green, but, this will make a nice pair of socks, possibly. I left the big skein of red and a few others. The small skeins might work up as striped socks, if there is enough.

As I pass the table on the way to pay for this splurge, I see.....another bag of yarn. This time it's all alpaca - purple again. There's a partially knitted sweater front and back as well as 6 more skeins. After frogging the knitted part, there should be about 9 skeins to work with. The sales slip was in the bag and the person had paid about $70 just for this portion.

Now, I don't see anymore bags, so I'm heading to the woman to pay. I'm expecting to pay a considerable amount, since I have two good size bags now. Hold on now. The grand total.......... $4 ........... Yep......You read correctly ....... Four dollars for the whole thing!

It's still in the car until I get ready to wash it prior to introducing it to the resident stash........

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