Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Computer Woes..............Shortened Knit time............

Last night was a horrible night. I came home from work, turned on the computer, got ready to read my mail, and........wham!......My computer would not work. After trying to start the darn thing six times without success, I gave up.

I went to Weight Watchers and stayed for the meeting. I didn't lose or gain this week. That's o.k. New week started today, and hopefully, I will have a loss next week.

When I left there, I headed to Circuit City for help. The guys in the Firedog section of the computer area were great. They explained it sounded like my harddrive had crashed. It should not have been a surprise according to them, since my poor PC is about seven years old. I ended up with a new computer tower, which came with a new keyboard and mouse.

I came home and took the old PC cover off, blew it out with canned air, let it sit a bit, plugged it back in, hooked it up and prayed. No good..........It's still the same. My DH came home from PC is connected. Now the darn thing won't recognize any of my other equipment.

After work today, I'm back to Circuit City with the old PC so they can try to save my files. Especially my pictures, favorites, and knitting stuff. Also, the guy tonight told me to call tech support for my LAN connection. Finally, the modem is working, and, after 3 hours, I have drivers installed for the other equipment. Also, some of my favorites are saved again.

I do like this PC, but need to adjust to the differences between XP and Vista.

Thanks to my computer woes, knitting time suffered greatly today. I only worked on the sock for half an hour at lunchtime. I plan to make up for it tomorrow............

Time for bed........It's been an extremely long day..............

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jenfromRI said...

It was nice meeting you yesterday. It looked like everybody scored some good deals - hope that makes you feel better!