Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And the Wheels Go Round and Round......

In an old wooden building with lots of antique farm and farmhouse equipment, the spinning wheels were turning round and round, creating beautiful yarns from soft, fluffy fiber. There were natural brown, beige, and white as well as bright solid and multi colored fibers. Some even had a bit of sparkle and shine to them. A few times the fiber was silk. For five days the wheels spun and produced some beautiful yarns, which were displayed on the wall behind the display table. On the table were scarves, shawls, and socks, knitted or crocheted by the demonstrators. Also cakes of fiber processed at the mill to show some of the beauty that can be created with handpainted or handspun yarns and fiber. My Swallowtail Shawl was pinned to the wall too.

WCF Fiber Wall close up of red Kool Aid, Evelyn's Roses Butterfly sock WCF Fiber Wall WCF Swallowtail on display

There was a tri-loom set up and a triangular shawl was worked on during the fair, with the finished item draped across a screen to show the pretty colors and design. There were squares of color in the finished item causing it to have a checkered look. The black fiber with the bits of color matched well with the purple.

On the floor loom, a complete set of place mats was created as well as an extra as a centerpiece. A soft scarf was also woven from a wool and alpaca blend incorporating some very tiny beads into the finished item.

There was a table with fluffy white wool, spindles, handcarders, and some small looms for people to try. It was a very inviting area.

During all of the spinning people came and went in the building, stopping to see what we were doing and asking questions. There was quite a bit of interest and a few even decided to join the Spinners Guild.

Across from our area was a children's play kitchen. I think this was the busiest place in the fair. Children of all ages played constantly in the kitchen "cooking" and "making tea" as well as outside on the washboard "washing clothes".

I had a wonderful time, but, am glad it's finished for this year. Can't wait until next year. I'm already planning what to spin.......

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Donna said...

I'm looking forward to it to. I made plans already to go a few times! That was so much fun.