Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Hitchhiker, Finished Ravelympic Projects, a Sad Discovery, and a New KAL

Thursday was a nice day around here. Tiger and I headed to the vet's in the early afternoon, to have his ear checked, with very vocal protests from him. As I was about to turn onto the main road from the end of my street, I looked out my driver's window to see a little tiny yellow jacket bee on the glass. I hoped he would fly off before I got to the highway where I feared he would be squished from the wind. I tried slowing down so he would fly off. Nope, the little guy clung on with all his might. He finally flew off when I exited the highway and had to stop at the end of the exit. I hope he was o.k. Tiger did well at the vet and never saw the bee.

I finished the "test knit socks" for the WIP Wrestling for Team Splurk. They look o.k. I can't post a picture, since they have not been published yet.

Unfortunately, the Butterfly Sock has met a demise. I had finished the first sock a while ago and just never bothered to try it on. Well, sadly, it doesn't fit my big, fat, swollen foot. The plan is to revise the pattern so I can get it to fit me with looser stranding. I'm thinking of doing the stranded part on size 3 needles and the rest of the sock on my size 2's. The other option is to only put one butterfly instead of the four on the leg of the sock. Actually, now I think of it, this may be a better option. Stay tuned for further sock surgery.

I finished spinning the Mandevilla Trellis from DkKnits and it's so pretty. At this time, I'm not sure what it wants to be. After Navajo plying it, I have more than enough for socks, so maybe a nice scarf or lacy shoulder shawl.

I've been busy with my Dragon Cave eggs and hatchlings. There's a group on Ravelry now for them and a KAL/CAL has been started for a shawl. The two patterns are Dragon Scales Shawl for knit or Dragon Shawl for crochet. I chose the knit option, with DkKnits Dream yarn in Violet Vixen. To me, purple is a good dragon color. There's also a group started for people who don't really follow football season. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a sports enthusiast. The group is 2008 Football KAL and I'm doing the same shawl for that.

Well, I better go get the ball winder and swift out to get the yarn ready. The pattern is printed and waiting for me.......


Donna said...

I hate when I knit a pair of socks and they just don't fit! I had that happen with my first pair of Jaywalkers. Lesson learned!

calicokitty6 said...

Yeah, it's the second time it's happened to me. First time was entrelac socks.

I might put 2 butterflies on each side of sock. I just need to figure out the placement.