Monday, August 11, 2008

It's 3 a.m. and I'm still awake.

I have got to stop staying up like this. In the morning, it will be a fight to crawl out of the bed before 9 or so. Since I retired, I have reverted back to my old 2nd shift routine of staying up until 3 or 4 and sleeping until 10 or so. This is not good. My husband works 2nd shift and is usually asleep and then awake before me lately.

Let's put the blame on the fiber and yarn. First it was Tour de Fleece. Now it's Ravelympics. The knitting needles are flying trying to finish my Swallowtail Shawl in the next day or so. I only have 7 rows to go, but, it's kicking my butt. It took me all day just to finally get 5 rows in correctly today. Both my wheels are looking at me accusingly since I haven't touched either in over a week. The Sonata is going to the Washington County Fair with me this coming week. The Minstrel will have to just sit there stewing a bit longer. I promise to work on the yellow silk as soon as the fair is over. I need to finish that darn silk for the Ravelympic project. It would be nice to ply it to the BFL but that isn't part of the project.

I still need to knit that other fair isle sock this week too. I plan to toss that in the basket heading to the fair with me as well so I can take a spinning break and knit a bit. The test knit sock, as I call the pattern, just needs toe decreases and kitchenering on the toe. That will be done before the fair isle sock.

At least some of the dyeing project is done. I cheated. I used Kool Aid in the pickle jar. Well, technically it's not cheating. I AM dyeing some yarn, just not using the steamer and handpainting it. If I have time next weekend, or one night next week, I might try to get together with a friend and dye some fiber.

After all, I have a whole 15 days left to accomplish all of this fibery goodness.....

Goodnight, and sweet dreams........

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Donna said...

Woah! You have alot to get done before the Olympics ends. Yikes! You can get it done though - I have faith.

I just took on a pair of Entrelac socks which aren't as tough as I thought.

I will see you for sure this week at the fair. I am still deciding which day(s) I want to go. I am bringing my knitting and drop spindle. I can't just sit there and look at ya'll spinning and not do SOMETHING!

See ya soon!