Friday, August 08, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Ravelympics Has Begun!!......Missed Meeting.....

As the Olympic flame was lit today at 8p.m. in China, the official beginning of this fiber event started. Since I'm on the East Coast of the USA, I'm 12 hours behind China and it actually was 8 a.m. here, I still managed to miss the beginning. I was up until almost 6 a.m. and slept until about noon. Of course, after taking my meds, and eating "breakfast" I started to work on my Swallowtail Shawl for the WIP Wrestling event. I am on the lace edging part and after finishing that part, only need to do the scalloped edge. Here's a picture when I was just finished with the bud section:

DkKnits Swallowtail Shawl 2

The plan was to finish it in time to block it Monday and take it with me to the Knitting Guild meeting this Tuesday. Well, unfortunately, I got the date wrong and missed the meeting. It was last Tuesday. I am so disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing everyone and spending the evening with them. Also, it was elections for the guild. I received a phone call to let me know I had been elected Secretary. I have to decline this generous offer at this time because since becoming the Spinning Guild Treasurer, I'm busy with that. Next year will be another, and possibly better opportunity for me to accept an office with the knitting guild.

My Tiger has a sore ear. I'm not sure if he scratched it himself, if something bit him, or if possibly Pooh dragged him by it. We had a 7 day dosage of amoxi left over from the respiratory problem, so he has been on that, along with ear cleansing and antibiotic ointment treatment. It looks better, but if it's not healed by next Friday, I have a vet appointment for him. They said we are doing everything right. As far a pain, he doesn't appear to be bothered by it, and is playing and running around as usual.

The weather is icky so I can't wash another fleece outside right now. Hopefully I can get one done between tomorrow and Tuesday and let it dry in the shed. I think I will take a ride on Tuesday and drop off the Romedale one to the mill.

Well, back to the knitting......

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Kristen said...

We wondered where you were! Sorry you missed the meeting, it is such a relaxing time at Alton Jones. The color of that shawl is delicious!