Thursday, August 28, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions......

While at Craft Night yesterday evening, I obtained the opinions of some knitting pals in regards to the bead selection and placement for my Dragon Scale Shawl. The final choice was the emerald green beads and scattered throughout the entire shawl. The other option was an iridescent bead and just beading the two scales on the ends all the way up. These beads seemed to disappear into the yarn color and just didn't work well. The other color, teal, was just the wrong shade. I get to start working on this next Thursday evening when football season officially begins.

My Spinning friend, Sarah, and her friend, Katie, came to Craft Night for the first time. We had an enjoyable evening of knitting and learning a new cast on. It's for the long tail cast on and gives a stretchier and much neater edge.

Another decision is in regards to the Butterfly Sock debacle. Sarah also suggested my first original option I posted about. I'm knitting the butterflies on a size larger needle, and returning to the original size to finish the sock. I still needed to frog sock 1 and rework it anyway. After working the butterflies of sock 2 I'm going to slide the stitches to a waste yarn, with the beginning stitch marked, and try it on. Here's hoping this works, otherwise, it's back to the drawing board and the one butterfly per leg option.

My size 1s and 0s circulars are hiding from me somewhere in my bedroom. I know they are there, just don't see them. The knitting gremlins are at work again. This meant I couldn't start the Nanner Socks as planned.

School opened so many of our regulars were not at Craft Night. I wish them many enjoyable and fulfilling days with the young minds they are helping grow and mentor.

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bySarah said...

I feel famous cause I made it to your blog! Thanks for having me last night - it was loads of fun, and I am glad you like my new cast on.