Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow, Snow, Go Away.....Spring Wishes and Dreams

The ground is still white with the left over snow from our last storm. There's still plenty of ice on parking lots, steps, sidewalks and drives to make walking dangerous if you are not watching where you are stepping. Now, the latest weather report says more is coming tonight and tomorrow. I have a meeting tomorrow night at Slater Mill for the opening of the Knitting/Crochet guild. If the weather is too bad, I will be staying home.

Can someone please tell Mother Nature we want a few warm days to get rid of some of this? For me personally, I'm ready for Spring and I know we have about 2 more months of this nasty to deal with.

We enclosed the back yard last Fall and I really want a couple of raised box flower beds along the fence near my neighbor's side. I'm thinking of planting a few perennial plants that stay on the small side. One part would also hold some veggie plants. Pat plans to build a deck this Spring as well. I can picture me sitting out there under an awning, with my wheel, spinning in the shade or knitting. We still have one more section to put up to block off the back of the garage so the dogs can go out loose and play. I have several ceramic animals I want to decorate the yard with as well. Then of course I have some candle holders you use for the little tea lights. They will look cute out there in the flower bed too. My plan is to hopefully be able to have a couple of friends over for spontaneous spin-ins in the back yard as well. The dogs just don't allow for this in the house, unless you wear industrial ear plugs to block the barking.

I am about 3 repeats away from having the Dragon Scale Shawl finished. I could quit now and it would be fine, since it's about the size of my Swallowtail Shawl already. Being a queen size lady, I think the additional 3 repeats will be better.The goal is Superbowl Sunday. I might add a different edging to the outside later. I need to think about that. The one on it now is worked as you knit the shawl. I'm thinking of adding the edging from my Swallowtail Shawl, but with beads along the way in certain spots. That would represent the points of the dragon's scales and wings.

Sunday was spent with Sandi and Marva. We were going to get pizza and spend the day knitting and visiting at the farm. Instead, we ended up at the Mohegan Sun Casino where we indulged in the buffet. No gambling took place. Then we returned to the farm for a bit of knitting. Since Sandi lives a good distance from us, and thanks to inclement weather this past month, Christmas gifts were exchanged. She gave me a gorgeous handmade beaded shawl pin/broach and a big bag of different natural fibers for me to spin. I'm going to have so much fun learning about these sheep breeds. She loved the fiber and container I gave her. She also spins with a spindle and liked the idea of the wine containers for toting a spindle and fiber around in.

A few days ago, Sandi and I placed an order at Crown Mountain Farms for white Bamboo, Carbonized Bamboo, and Black Alpaca Silk. Of course, I had to get some dyed stuff for me too. It all arrived yesterday, so I met her in Hope Valley to deliver it to her. She brought the dogs with her for the ride. It was great to see them again so soon.

Lunch is left overs from yesterday. I made pork chops stuffed with spinach, cheese, garlic, and seasoning. Real mashed potatoes finished out the meal. Pat has enough for today too. I barely could eat one chop yesterday. They did come out great if I say so myself.

I'm going to sit and knit on the shawl for a bit, then load the washer and dryer again......

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

GAH!! This weather is KILLING me. :( Why folks like winter is beyond my little mind... Hope we can see each other at the meeting tomorrow night! =:8