Saturday, January 24, 2009

Soup, Seafood, and Yarn

Today was a nice, sunny day, even though it was chilly. Marva and I decided to take a ride to Warren to the Blount Soup Shop where I picked up some Portuguese Kale Soup and some Tuscan Bean Soup and Sausage for Pat. For myself, I got the Corn Chowder. Yum times 3. Marva got a few for herself as well. I think this place will be on her regular food shopping list when she tastes these delicious items.

From there we decided to get some lunch. Tweet's Balzano's Family Restaurant was our destination. After perusing the menu, we decided to get two different entrees and share. The fish and chips were excellent the last time I had them, and they were just as good today. The other choice, Seafood Stuffed Shrimp Supreme, which had a bit of a bite in the seasoning, was also very tasty.

After this lovely meal, we went to Sakonnet Purls where I was moderated, and restrained, from overbuying yarn lovelies. I only bought some Baby Alpaca in a chunky weight for a scarf and hat set, and one color of Happy Feet for a pair of socks. That's it. Honest. Marva did buy some sock yarn for herself as well.

On the way home, Sip N Dip called to us for a nice creamy coffee. I can drink their flavored coffee since it's the beans that are flavored and not an added syrup, or shot. Iced French Vanilla was my choice and hot Pumpkin Spice for my friend. Well, I was not destined to drink that coffee. It fell over in the car, but I rescued the majority of it. When I got home, I when getting out of the car, I grabbed the cup. As soon as my hand was out the car, the lid flew off and the coffee hit the ground, and my pants leg. Oh, well. It smelled good anyway.

Now I am just relaxing for a bit before going to run an errand with Pat. Then I need to cook his chicken and potatoes I promised him. Talk to you later.........


Donna said...

So bummed out that I couldn't join you guys. I haven't been to Tweets in years! I love their sauce.

Good restraint - I am proud of you!

Bummer about the coffee though. Nicole loves Sip and Dip's iced mochas. I didn't know they had flavored beans - good to know.

Anonymous said...

That sound so much fun!
Glad you guys had a good time, AND that you restrained yourself at the yarn store.