Friday, February 05, 2010

Traveling With Fiber and Yarn Projects

It's been a busy week. The fiber traveling started last Saturday with the monthly spin in at RI Handspun, where I managed to finish plying the purpley pink singles I finished spinning earlier in the week. I had bought the fiber at Fibers4Ewe Mill. Six ounces and 641.5 yards of sparkly yarn were the results. Now, it needs a bath to finish it off.

Tuesday was a quiet knit night, also at Sue's shop. I managed to get to the last decrease for the Ditto sweater.

Wednesday was a day of debating. I had been invited to a spin in with the Bayberry Spinners and I was nervous about going over the Fall River Bridge if the temps dropped and the roads got icy. Everyone knows I don't travel when there is snow or ice predicted. Marva offered me a ride, so off we went. We managed to miss the exit, arriving 45 minutes late, but still had a great time. I started spinning the Masham I had dyed a couple of weeks ago. A few of the ladies really liked the colors I used. It isn't as soft as I thought it would be, but I have some plans for it.

Thursday, last night, was a spur of the moment trip. Sandi and Monet were going to the SEConn Stitch and Bitch in New London, CT. Sandi invited me to come along, so off I went. It was a terrific night and I met a couple of wonderful ladies. We had so much laughing, talking, coffee, and sharing, I only managed 2 rows on my sweater. I plan to go again next week if the weather is o.k.

Tonight is spent home and I plan to curl up in my chair in a few minutes with a cup of tea and the sweater. I hope to get the last 2 inches of the yoke finished so I can start the button band tomorrow. My goal is to have this WIP finished before the Olympics start in a week or so.

Tomorrow's plans are for a day in the dye room. Maybe I can even finish washing the last 2 or so pounds of fleece between some dyeing plans. The laundry also needs to get finished. Since I'll be down there anyway, I might as well do that too. :)

In between all the traveling, I managed to spin up some fiber from Silver Sun Alpaca, "Daffodails". All of the 10 ounces is spun except for the last 2 ounces shown here. The blend is Merino, Mohair, Alpaca, and Firestar. I hope to finish this tomorrow as well and get the plying done by Monday.

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Donna said...

It was so much fun having you at spinning las Wednesday. See you on Saturday!