Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Home Stretch of Socktoberfest, Another Demo, Birthday Presents

There are just today and tomorrow left of Socktoberfest. My Crocus socks are almost there. I need to finish the ribbing tonight. That should be easy since I'm doing a demo with Happy Hands at the North Stonington Senior Center this evening. Instead of bringing my wheel, I'm knitting. It will round out our group. We have someone spinning, weaving, knitting, and maybe spindling. Next month is Sockvember so I plan to get the Through The Loops Mystery socks done for that while working on my Spruce scarf.

Yesterday was my birthday. Pat had the day off work for some other stuff, so it was nice to have an extra evening with him. We ended up going shopping and checking out the local BJ's. We had a 60 day free membership offer. I don't think we will be buying a membership though. We didn't find that many items we would purchase in the future.

Pat gave me a cute card that made me laugh. Since we usually buy what we want during the year, birthdays and Christmas gifts are usually gift cards or money. Some of my birthday money didn't last long. I went shopping on etsy after finding a link on a Plurk post for a really cool spindle. It's made of acrylic and has an etching on it. That and 2 "lamb tails" are on their way to me. The lamb tails are round discs with a slit to hold your yarn if you need to stop spinning. You hang them from your wheel near the orifice. I use a Velcro dot right now and this works well. These little clear etched discs just called to me so I bought them.

I need to get my knitting in it's tote and ready to go tonight. I will also be bringing my Ditto that has been hibernating and might try working on some of the increases again. This is the kind of weather when I wish I had finished it since I would be toasty warm with it on now.

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