Friday, October 15, 2010

A Sock Do Over

The Through The Loops Mystery Sock is very pretty. Unfortunately, I've been riddled with problems that are no fault of this pattern. The designer did an excellent job explaining it.

The first yarn I chose didn't show the design. I fixed that by changing to a burgundy shaded yarn. It's still variegated, but all the hues are variables of the burgundy.

It was my first real cables and I cursed my way through the painfully slow knitting of the ribbing which was clue 1. Then I got clue 2 and zip along through the first half of the leg. As I was ready to start the second pattern of the leg, I finally admitted to myself that the sock was looking a bit too big. Slowly Pat slipped it over my foot. He didn't want to lose any of the stitches. Then all was confirmed. The rib was too loose. It just slid up and down my leg without even attempting to stretch to hug my calf. Now, I'm a plus size lady with big calves. I usually don't like my socks too high. The ribbing, when stretched, could have almost been used for knee sock length.

So, off to the frog pond my lovely burgundy colored sock went. I think I will knit on Crocus a little bit first this evening just to prepare myself for those darn cables when I start it later tonight.

I think I'll take a quick ride to Best Buy for a bit of retail pity shopping. O.K. - Truthfully, I was going anyway to get Season 4 of "The Tudors" which was released this past Tuesday. See you later.........

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