Sunday, October 03, 2010

Knitting and Spinning Photos, My New Spinning Spot

I finally got the pictures of some of my recently finished knitting and some finished spinning. This is the "Blueberry Hill Yogurt" by DkKnits. She is no longer dyeing fibers or yarn. I'm spinning the last 4 ounces of the pound now.

The next two are of my "Rosebud Socks" by wendyknits.

The next two are of my "Legolas" kerchief by Susan Pandorf. The left is the entire kerchief and the right is a close up of the stitches.

The final picture is my new spot for spinning. Pat hasn't had time to put the rails or awning up on on the deck yet, but I still love sitting out there on a nice day and spinning.

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