Sunday, February 19, 2012

Resurrecting the Camera

We bought a new camera last night.  I thought we were all set.  I should know better.  Pat is attempting to fix the old one.  He's got it so it takes pictures again, but, sometimes they are not the clearest.  To accomplish this, he had to leave the motor out that controls the shutter.  Now the shutter stays open.  If he can get it to work properly, he might take the new one back.  Shhh.  I sort of hope it doesn't work because I really like the new one even though we haven't opened the box yet.

Here's some pictures of the CJ Kopec "Celestial Secrets" fiber and yarn.  I almost forgot to take a pic of the fiber so it's just the last bit I was spinning. Pat took it for me while "testing" the repair. 

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matlowe said...

Ah! You are a spinner. I used to be very active as a weaver, spinner, knitter in the 90's through to 2000 and then had to admit my TOS shoulder couldn't sit at the loom long enough to make a new web the right tension. So, I sold all my "stuff" and am now taking up spinning on a spindle again.

Good stuff. Hope to see more of you and I asked to friend you in Ravelry. Hope that is okay!