Monday, February 13, 2012

Snuggle Progress...Spinning Some Shetland Fiber

Snuggle number 10 was finished yesterday.  I plan to try to make a couple more, medium or large sized, in the coming week.  That will finish the KAL for me.  I'll make more during the year since it's an on-going project. 

Last week I had time to start spinning the moorit colored Shetland I had bought back in December.  There's 10 ounces total of this color.  I decided to divide it into 2.5 ounce bumps, spin each bump on a separate bobbin, and then ply numbers 1 and 3 together, then numbers 2 and 4 together.  This will spread any shading differences throughout the fiber as well as any spinning inconsistencies I might have.  It's being spun in a modified long draw mostly, which makes the spinning much faster. The yarn will be quite puffy and squishy with all the air trapped in it as well with this method.  The finished yarn should be a light fingering when plied.

I finished the first bobbin today at Happy Hands.  Bobbin number 2 is well on it's way to being done as well.  It was spun on during the 2 hour episode of Downton Abbey tonight.  I really love this show and am looking forward to next week's airing. 

I'm not planning to go to bed yet, so I think I'll watch an new episode of one of my favorite podcasts and spin a bit more.  The bobbin might even be finished tonight.

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Donna said...

I am getting into Downton Abbey too. So many people raved about it!