Monday, January 23, 2017

A Question of Want or Need

I am participating in The Fiber Pusher Podcast Biggest Loser Stash Down, as I mentioned before.  So far, I'm doing well with no new yarn or fiber purchases since my last Knit Picks order on December 29.  It arrived in January but counts as December since that's when it was paid for.

Now, this has me being mindful of future fiber/yarn purchases.  I plan to ask myself "Do I need or want that?"  If the answer is "need" I can buy it.  If the answer is "want" I have to justify it to myself and have a project planned for it.  I have a gift certificate to a LYS to use and there's a planned festival (possibly 2) for later in the year.  Plans are to only purchase at those times.  It does help to close yarn websites and delete their emails for now.

So far I've finished 9.15 ounces of a spinning project, and have about 75% of a shawl done.  My January goal is to finish the shawl and get a square done on that Vivid blanket that seems to never grow.  Maybe, if there's time I can finish the second 4 ounce bag of Loop "Nebula", and get it plied.

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