Friday, January 20, 2017

Things are Looking Up

There's been many good things happening this week.  
1.  My foot is almost healed.  My next  appointment in a little over a week and it should be healed.  Until then, I'm in the boot.
2.  My first spin project of the year is done.  It was Spinner's Hill BFL/Silk in a pretty rusty red with gold and orange in it.  I did it as a 2-ply and got 461 yards from 9.15 ounces.  Here's a pic of the fiber.  I still need to get one of the yarn.  My current spinning project is a Spontaneous Cloud from Loop in "Nebula".  It's the blue pic below.  Both of these were purchased from the New England Fiber Festival last November.  I also bought a second 4 ounces of the "Nebula" from Loop's shop when I decided the original 4 ounces was not going to be enough.


3. Both my custom orthotic shoe inserts and my diabetes supplies are shipped and should be here shortly.
4.  My Outbound Shawl is about 60% done.  There's just one and a half repeats left before the final bigger lace portion.
5.  Chair yoga and other chair exercises has been getting done. 

The only "not good" thing is my back is acting up.  I'm not sure if it's from my walking gait being off due to the boot or the weather we are going to get.  I'm thinking it's a combo.  My "backometer" is usually pretty accurate.  I stayed home from knitting group today because driving for an hour in pain was not a good idea.  Hopefully, I can go again soon.

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