Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kitty rescue and drama.... sad story with a happy ending

A close friend of mine is very ill with cancer. Last Monday, she had to concede the fight to live at home with help coming in every day. She went to the nursing home. It's actually the best place for her at this time. She has company, is not alone, and is safe. She feared dying alone in her apartment, even though her son and his wife live in the same complex and building.

This move also meant a major upheaval for her 7 year old cat. Whiskers is a beautiful, huge, Sylvester type kitty and very loving. The son and daughter-in-law were taking him, but, she is extremely allergic to cats. Whiskers stayed in the apartment by himself with multiple daily visits from the two of them. He desperately needed a home by today or would be put in the pound or sent to kitty heaven. (I have since learned vets don't euthanize healthy cats upon request). It would have definitely been the pound.

I worked all week on trying to locate someone who could, or, knew someone who could, save his life. The only reason I could not keep him myself, is I am already way over the amount I should have -- as anyone who has read this site before would know -- and I have special needs pets at this time.

Well, the cat angels above must have been listening because he now has a home with one of the doctors from my job. She already has two other cats and instantly fell in love with Whiskers when she met him. We brought all his toys, supplies, and him to her house Thursday evening. He has already started to settle in nicely and I foresee a great future for him.

The previous owners have been invite to visit him any time they wish..........

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