Monday, June 04, 2007

"Waving Laces" Finished....On to Go With the Flow"................

I finished the toe with Kitchener stitch today and did the "happy dance" for this pair.

Now it's on to my next project. I decided to go with the "Go With the Flow" simply because I had a skein of yarn with me, and thought it would look good in this pattern. It's one of my hand painted from Jessicaarts and had bright pinks, purples, and blues in it. Also, it was the only one in the "Favorite Socks" book calling for my size 1 DPNs. It just so happened I had no other needles with me and had an hour plus to sit and wait for my patient to come back from her procedure.

So far I have the cast on and cuff completed and am working on the leg part. There are 4 rows to this part and you need to repeat them 20 times. Simple enough to do. Hopefully, I haven't jinxed myself by saying that.

By the way, I lost one of my Brittany No.1 needles when I left the ER last night. Fortunately, this pattern only called for 4 needles, so this is not a problem. I really love working with these and need to buy another set now. DH feels bad, so he is replacing them for me. He really knows how to make me smile. :)

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