Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yay!!!!!...........It's Here!!!!!!!!!

I love it when I open the door to check for packages on the front step and find something. I have a couple of things ordered and have been patiently awaiting their arrival. There are a couple of books from Crafter's Choice, a CD from my music club, and .......YARN from Lime n Violet.

I was surprised to find the yarn on the step this morning. I only ordered it a few days ago. Let me just say this: It's beautiful! The colors are so pretty - much nicer than the monitor indicated. I know different monitors can give different color perception, and mine was really close to the real thing. The colors just seem a bit prettier in reality. Now, I'm off to pull out some patterns and choose which will become each of these yarns........ My needles are calling me....... :)

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