Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Oooops........... I guess I can't count right or read correctly...........

I have a preference for working 5 DPNs instead of 4. When I cast on for the "Go With the Flow" socks, the directions were to cast on 60 stitches. This should not have been an issue......If I had followed directions. Instead of casting onto one needles and moving them to the other DPNs, like usual, I decided to break up the stitches as they were created. If I had bothered to read the entire instructions, I would have realized I was to put 18 stitches on needles 1 and 2. Needle 3 was to have 24 stitches. Since I didn't realize this, and only put the 18, I created a boo-boo. This made me one pattern repeat short.

I didn't realize this until I wanted to re-arrange them to be on 4 DPNs after mentioning this to my friend. He pointed out my snafu and explained how to break them down correctly for the extra DPN I wanted. This meant frogging the whole sock.

Luck was with me in the fact I had only done 5 of the 20 repeats for the leg. I cast on the correct amount and worked on it for a bit last night -- berating my foolish self the whole time. All the previous repeats are now back in place and a couple more as well.

I have learned an important lesson here: READ the instructions for the pattern BEFORE you try to knit it !!!

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