Friday, October 10, 2008

All the Pretty Colors in My Head, A Quiet Craft Night

Well, as far as washing the fleece and getting the scarves out of here are concerned - it didn't happen. I got busy with other stuff and none of that was accomplished.

Craft night was quiet with only Lisa, Marva, and myself. I worked on my Dragon Scales Shawl only to have to frog back over two rows to fix a mistake. Marva was working on a pretty new scarf pattern she had just got, and Lisa was working on an adorable baby blanket. There was much counting and a bit of frogging from all of us.

Today was a doctor's appointment. Not a biggie, just an annual. Everything is fine. I did mention my funky moods the other day. She thinks it's just my age and tried to attribute it to my being home. I explained that I have a busier social life now than when I worked. I'm not going to worry about it.

I did do a bit of spinning on the Minstrel, since I really want to empty out both of those bobbins and return them to the Sonata.

Now, the colors in my head are in regard to some dyeing I want to do. I've come up with about eight different themes, mostly centered around winter and the holidays. I have Merino, BFL, Rambouillet, silk, bamboo, and Corriedale all here I could dye up. Plus sock yarns. I just need to order the dyes to get started.

Pat has said I can use the small room in the basement for my stuff, so I think I will use it as a dyeing studio. It's away from the animals and I won't have to worry about them being safe from the chemicals and things. The lighting is good and has plenty of outlets to plug things into.. My glass studio will have to stay upstairs though. The room isn't big enough to handle both things. I might have him hook the phone line back up in there as well so I will have a phone handy while down there and not have to run upstairs for it. There's a sink in the laundry room that will work.

Well I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is housework day and the never ending laundry will be needing attention again too.

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bySarah said...

I am very bummed out I missed craft night, but at least I am back in town for spinning this weekend.
Yeah for spreading out your crafts to more rooms!