Monday, October 06, 2008

Fiber Update and a Whiny Post, So Be Warned....

Yesterday was the National Spin/Weave/Knit event at Slater Mill. Several basket makers, quilters, knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners were all present demonstrating their love of textiles crafts. It was great to meet so many people there from Ravelry, and see and catch up with friends not visited in a long time. I finally got to meet Guido from It's a Purl Man Podcast. He and his wife were very nice to talk to. Three more people have joined the RI Spinners Guild as well. It was a fun day with about a half bobbin filled of the Ramboullet fiber I started last month at Sue's Sit and Spin. I hope to finish that one this weekend maybe at my Spinners Guild meeting Saturday. The plan is to then get back to a couple of other bobbins awaiting plying. One from a center pull ball, and the other a 2-ply of an alpaca single and a wool single which were spun back in May. The Minstrel still has part of the 12 ounces of BFL from Spunky Eclectic in "Mandy" on it. Here's hoping I get a bit more of that done too, since my Sonata bobbins are tied up in that fiber by accident. If possible, and Mother Nature permits, I want to wash another fleece Friday or Sunday. I just need to to do the wash part outside. I don't like to let the grease/lanolin go down my pipes. The rinses I do in the washer, then lay the fiber on elevated screens to dry.

Several Traveling Scarves have been knit or crocheted on lately and headed to their next destination as well. I have one of each sitting here today and plan to finish them both by Thursday or Friday. The crochet is next since a knit one went out today. As for my own knitting, it's sitting on the sidelines while I tend to the scarves and spinning.

For the last few weeks my hand has been sore. This is the hand in which I have a tendinitis type thing from the broken wrist last winter. The cortisone is mostly worn off and this is the cause of the pain. I can only crochet for about thirty minutes and have to stop, put the ice or heat on and rest it. It's not bad with the knitting or spinning. Jars are very hard to open, baskets and things are difficult to carry, and trying to pick up a cat or dog is tricky. Groceries are carried on the left arm and take a few trips to the car.

In the morning I have to do range of motion and sometimes the pain makes me catch my breath. Calling the doctor won't really help. He will just advise me to do what I already am. Of course, this is also my dominant hand and writing can also be awkward at times if the pain starts.

I dread the onset of winter because my hands and feet are always cold. This started about 7 years ago when I learned I was diabetic.

Tonight I'm in a funky mood. Earlier I was fine, then cranky, now mopey. I don't know what's wrong with me today. I don't feel sick, just don't want to be bothered. Little things are aggravating me for no reason. Uggh! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I also have a sore toe and am going to the podiatrist tomorrow to have a procedure to take care of it.

Well, that's enough whining for one night. I think I will straighten out the desk and call it an early night for me. It's only a bit after 11:00, but I think I'm ready to snooze. Good night all........


Donna said...

Aww - big hugs to you! We all whine once in a while. Have you tried going online to forums about the condition of your hand? I just did that for hubby's shoulder surgery and got some great info that the docs never mentioned.

If you are cold - well, you have lots of great wooly items to keep you warm! Maybe knit a new sweater for yourself out of some of your handspun? I just put my cardi on today and although I am not happy with the finishing of it I am one happy warm person today!

Keep smiling!

bySarah said...

Hey Debbie,
I hope you are feeling better today, or at least cheerier. Good luck getting all those traveling scarves done and out of your house!!

Cant wait to see you and get some spinning done on Saturday.