Friday, October 24, 2008

Dye Day and Summer Demo Yarn Pictures

Be warned that there are quite a few pictures this time. I finally got around to downloading the pictures from this summer as well as taking a couple of the yarn and fiber I did on the last dye day a few weeks ago.

First, here's some of the yarns spun or plyed at Washington County Fair back in August. Please bear in mind these pictures are before I washed the yarns, so they look a little fluffier now.
This is the kool ade I solar dyed in the pickle jar. I had spun it at home, and Navajo plyed it at the fair.
BFL koolade dye 1 Jamacia Red Kool Aid N Ply BFL

This is from DkKnits, "Mandeville Trellis". I spun the first bobbin at home, and Navajo plyed it at the fair. I started the second bobbin on the last day of the fair, but, don't have a pic of that one.
dkknits superfluff mandevilla trellis DkKnits Mandeville Trellis N Ply

The next one I had spun back in June, but, had to learn to Navajo ply before I could finish it. I think it came out really nice. It's from Allspunup and I've named it "Beach". It's also my June fiber for the Spinner Central monthly fiber on Ravelry.
All Spun Up Beach SW Merino 1 All Spun Up Beach N Ply

This one is the BFL and Silk I dyed with some friends last spring. I named it in memory of my mother, "Evelyn's Roses". The BFL was spun at home in July, and the Silk was spun at the fair. Both skeins were plyed at the fair. The front skein is 1 ply silk, and 1 ply BFL. The back skein is a 2-ply BFL.
My Fiber Evelyn's Roses braid standing up Evelyn's Roses 2 ply

Here is the latest attempt at dyeing fiber. It's Rambouillet I bought from Flawfulfibers and I just love how this fiber feels when you spin it. It practically spins by itself, letting me do a modified long draw. I've named this one "Pansies in the Sun". The color in the pic is a bit off. The purple looks blue and the raspberry pink looks purple. The purple skein is a 50/50 blend of Merino/Silk dyed in 3 shades of purple. One has a blue undertone. I love the shine from the silk. It is an extremely squishy yarn.
Pansies in the Sun Rambouillet fiber 1 Purple Passion 2


bySarah said...

Awesome show and tell!!

Donna said...

Um... you ARE gifting those last two purple items to your favorite friend in Tiverton, right? Those are SO my colors!