Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tick, Tick, Goes the Clock .... Dragons....

It's ten days until the Gathering. I'm getting excited. I need to finish emptying those bobbins for my Sonata. Some will get finished at Sue's on Saturday. Pat is busy building me a lazy kate and staining the extra bobbins I bought. I plan to take as many bobbins as I can just in case.

Of course, I always tend to over pack whenever I go away for a couple of days. This time, I'm trying to control what goes in the bag. I figure 2 complete sets of clothes, a nightgown, toiletries and meds. As for the spinning stuff, the wheel and it's accessories are ready. I'm going to carry the straw basket to bring my niddy noddy, ball winder, swift, combs and handcarders, a couple of towels for the dye class and any other item I can think of needing. Oh, and a bit of fiber for the spin in during the evenings. I might throw the socks I'm knitting in there too. They won't be done by then, I'm sure. I think that's all I need to bring.

I'm still playing with the Dragons at Dragon Cave. I have one more to grow up to adulthood in the next couple of days. I'm not going to get any eggs now because I won't be here to work with them.

I am thinking of getting a lap top computer to take with me when I'm not home. Right now, I'm weighing the actual amount of use it would get versus the expense. I don't need a fancy one. Hmmm, need to think some more about that one.

Well, I'm heading into bed now. I've managed to get almost all of the first repeat of the lace on the Nanner Sock 2 done tonight. I started knitting later than usual, so didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked. Maybe tomorrow I can get a couple of complete repeats in. I really should take a little time to work on the Dragons Scale Shawl too. It's been sitting in it's bag for a while with very little attention lately.

Good night, everyone.

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