Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Mystery Sock and a Late Night

I'm a bit late starting this, but I wanted to finish the beaded scarf.  I'm trying to be semi-monogamous in my knitting lately.  So last night saw the cast on of the November Mystery Sock from the Solid Socks group on Ravelry.  You are suppose to use solid or semi solid yarns in this group, so I'm knitting it in Wooly Wonka Fibers in the "Tide Pool" colorway.  It is a very light bluish green semi-solid although in the picture it looks like there are blue and green sections.  It really isn't variegated.  It's 100% Merino and I love how this yarn feels.  I have had it in the stash for a couple years after getting it from a de-stash on Ravelry.  Of course, it's now discontinued so I can't get any more.  :( 

I sat and knit on the sock, finishing clue 1.  I wasn't paying attention to the clock.  Thinking it was about 2 a.m. (my usual late night bedtime) I packed up.  When I looked at the clock it was 4 a.m.!  I was up at 9 so it will be a very early night tonight. lol

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