Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Winter Storm, Learning Reversible Lace, Finishing Projects

Old Man Winter gave us another whuppin' of snow.  The official measurement for Cranston was 11 inches, but I think my front yard has about 8 or so.  Everyone is now trying to clean up and combat the ice that keeps developing as temps drop into the single digits at night.

Last night was the Knitting Guild meeting where we had a lesson from the owner of Manmade By Jonne.  Jonne is a wonderful, patient, knowledgeable teacher.  We learned stitches that are knit in a way that creates a reversible lace scarf.   We all practiced on sport weight yarn for the class, but the scarf is knit in lace weight. I chose a pretty Pink Coral cotton/wool blend to use for my actual scarf.

My January fiber, Spunky Eclectic's "Macaw" is spun and Navajo plied.  The finished yarn is not really calling to me. I think the yellow is to bright for my tastes so I plan to give it a quick over-dye in a weak bath of Slate Blue.  It will calm down the eye searing yellow to a nice green/blue shade.  Millie Minstrel is now empty, but Esme Sonata still has the Fibers4Ewe to be finished.

I'm knitting on sock 2 of the vanilla socks which I hope to have finished by Sunday.  Then I can devote some time to Evenstar.  I'm hoping to see some more progress on that soon.  It's been stagnant for too long.

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