Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More White Stuff on the Ground, Pat's Hat, My Furry Knitting Companion

So here we are in the midst of another winter storm.  This one already put two and a half inches in my yard this morning of white, fluffy snow.  This is on top of the eight inches still here from the last big storm.The forecast claims it's suppose to turn to freezing rain then rain tonight.  Then we have another four to eight inches headed our way over the next two days.  Ugh! 

With this kind of weather, I find myself not wanting to go outside.  The ritual for the last few nights has been to snuggle into my recliner with a comforter over me while I knit.  I don't really need the covering, but my cat, Katy, has designated my lap her new favorite spot to curl up on lately.  I had put the comforter over me the first night because my feet and legs were cold.  Now, Katy lets me know it's a requirement to her creature comfort by kneading into my leg until I put the comforter over at least her side of my body.  Once she settles down, I'm planted for at least a couple hours, so I make sure the phone, a drink, t.v. and DVD player remotes are all next to me, there's a movie ready to watch in the player, and a bathroom trip is accomplished beforehand.  Disturbing Miss Catitude is not acceptable.  I've been steadily knitting on my Evenstar shawl. It would be nice to finish it before In Dreams comes out, but, it looks like it will only be on clue 6 by then.  Half of clue 5 is done as of Sunday night.

When I decided to spend time with the wheel last night, Katy was not very happy with me.  She kept coming over to look at me as if to say, "Well, let's get in the chair." Then she would let out a little sniff of disgust when I wouldn't do her bidding.  Oh well.  She survived.  lol  The last of the blue alpaca batt is almost spun.  I plan to ply it in a couple days.  

Pat really liked his simple hat which fits him well.   He told me to make sure it had a little room because he doesn't like anything tight on his head. Since he wanted the ribbing folded up, I knit 7 inches in the body instead of the suggested 5.  Last night, when I had to run out to the drugstore, I stuck this on my head.  It is quite warm and cozy. 

The first of February means I have another set of Project Stash Buster bags to open and start.  In the mean time, it's WIP spinning and knitting around here.

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