Monday, January 10, 2011

New England Winter, Knitting & Spinning Progress

Living in New England brings lots of changeable weather.  So far this winter, we have had a blizzard where we got 10 inches of snow, and high, howling, hurricane force winds for several hours.  My reindeer had to be evicted from the front yard before the blizzard hit otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pull the stakes out of the frozen ground.  They are now hanging up in the basement.  After the "abominable snowman" snowstorm, I decided I had enough of the white stuff for the season.  The joy of it wears off with me pretty fast since I'm not a lover of the cold stuff.  A few days later, we had a day in the 60s.  The cold weather also brought me an unwanted surprise present - a nasty cold.  I'm at the end of it now so I'm not contagious, just sniffly.  The current weather cast has another storm heading our way.  I'm ready to hunker down in the house with the animals.  I know Pat will go to work anyway.  There's plenty of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, food, knitting, spinning, and DVDs to watch so I know I'll be great.

Knitwise, I'm almost done with the first vanilla sock in Kroy Socks Jacquard yarn, colorway "Lavender Jacquard".  I like the way the yarn makes it's own pattern. Yesterday was Happy Hands Fiber Arts Group monthly gathering so I brought this to work on instead of carrying a wheel on what could have been slippery pavement.  It was the usual fun-filled afternoon.  I got to meet  a couple of new ladies as well.

Spinwise, my WhorlingTides fiber and the Cormo/Bamboo blend are plied and a-waiting a soak and dry session.  I also started my January fiber, "Macaw" from Spunky Eclectic.  So far, I've spun up about an ounce of the 4 so I hope to finish a good portion of the singles tonight.

I'm heading back to the wheel now, and staying inside where it's warm.  :)

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