Thursday, December 06, 2007

Meet ups, yarn shopping, and broken bones......

I hope everyone had a great Turkey day. Mine was the usual quiet one at home day. The exception was Pooh barking all day at my brother-in-law.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was a great day for meeting new people. I went to Mystic River Yarns in Mystic, CT. There were 7 of us present for the get together. The shop owner was very nice and helpful, and, gave us each a mug with the shop logo as we left. I definitely plan to visit this shop again. The layout is easy to navigate, yarns arranged in a pleasant display and very easy to locate by weight or desired project. Selection is good in most weights I looked at. I did end up with some alpaca I hadn't planned on. Just couldn't resist. I also found the Tofutsies I need for a test knit pattern.

Last Wednesday evening was Craft Night at Panera and it was fun to see everyone there again.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. I just need to get a couple of more items. One gift is not in yet, but should be arriving at the post office soon.

Unfortunately, I can't finish my mittens to accompany the Clapotis because I broke my wrist last Thursday night. Originally, I thought it was sprained. After having it checked out at the treatment center, I was shocked it was broke. The doctor put me in a brace and sent me on my way.

I decided to call my orthopedic doctor because it's my hand. I stopped by Jonne's and he told me not to even think of spinning or knitting because it will not heal properly. This would lead to me not being able to spin properly or possibly at all. My visit to the ortho resulted in a pretty light blue cast instead of the brace. It's my first one in my life and I am having issues with it. My hand is constantly sweaty. I'm claustrophobic and don't like the confinement feeling. My follow up appointment is on the 19Th, but I think I will try to get in early to get it off ahead of time. Maybe next Wednesday, which would be half way between when it was put on and my follow up. Don't mean to be whiny, but, I really don't like the way the hand feels in the cast. The good thing about this is, Retirement starts NOW!!!!!

Saturday was the Spinning Guild meeting and Christmas party. Even though I couldn't spin, I went and had a great time. Everyone brought an ornament and we exchanged them by drawing numbers and matching them to the ornaments.

Last night I went to Border's and met Sarah and Kimberly, who were knitting.

On Ravelry, I started a group for Peke lovers. Other dog breeds had groups, but I couldn't find anything for my little ones, so started one.

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