Friday, July 13, 2007

Knitpicks arrival today...........Beads tomorrow.............

I picked up my cone of yarn from Jonne's store tonight after work. It's a nice soft Shetland yarn in it's natural color. I also fell in love with some of the other laceweight yarn colors and plan to get some of them later. He has his own hand dyed roving calling my name as well. I see many more stops there on my way home in the next few weeks..........

When I got home, I found my Knitpicks order on the table. I really like the Bare yarn as well. The new sock yarn in solids, Risata, is also very pretty. Now I can work on a couple of those Favorite Sock patterns I didn't want to use variegated colors for.

I plan to use the Shetland for the MS3 now I have it. Tomorrow, I am going to the Beadworks store in Providence to pick up the seed beads. The cone will accompany me for comparison purposes. Matching beads is my goal. I checked the store out on line, but, I don't trust the colors to be true on the monitor.

Now I am anxious to start my MS3.......I am 3 clues behind as of today......... Yikes!!!

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