Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lapse in Yarn Diet....Again....

The yarn diet was moving along at a crawl, until recently. After signing up for the Mystery Stole 3, I decided to use a credit slip for a local LYS for the laceweight needed for this. Unfortunately, they don't carry laceweight yarns. I should have realized this before with the amount of times I have been there.

After talking to the sales person, and mentally going through the yarn in the stash, we came up with the idea to use yarn I had earmarked for a lacy sweater. Knitpicks had a pattern a couple of years ago called the MaryJane Sweater and I fell in love with it. Yarn was ordered in "Oregon Coast" and "Jewel" to make a couple of these, along with the pattern. Needles were part of my KR Elf exchange (wonderful lady for a partner), and plans were made to start it. Never happened...the cast on was done and frogged a couple of times. The yarn was put back in the stash for "someday" knitting.

Well, the "Oregon Coast" color was chosen for the stole. I ended up at four other shops plus Michael's and ACMoore for beads. Eventually, I found a cream colored bead that might work.

When I got home, I just didn't like this yarn for the stole. Thus, a big crash as I fell from the yarn diet wagon was heard..... Knitpicks has received my order for Bare laceweight yarn, along with a couple of other items to get the free shipping option. The beads won't work either, so when I go to work tomorrow, I will definitely be ordering from Sana. I have an older jewelry supply catalog here and found a couple of different options in that department.

O.K. I've picked myself up, and am back on the yarn wagon again. By the way, the food diet is going along slowly as well. My doctor changed a couple of meds and hopefully a few pounds will melt thanks to that..........

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