Monday, July 09, 2007

Power Outages and Cable Woes.........

I went back to work today after a relaxing, calming week of vacation at home. As I go in the clinic, I notice half the lights are on. Apparently, we were on generator. Sometime during the evening, or night, there was a manhole fire that fried the wires for electrical power and phone service. The phones were only working in house, and, not connecting to outside lines. It's not an unusual occurrence to lose power and go to generator during the summer with the a/c and fans in use. But, today was different.

The generator was not going to make it. While waiting for the back-up generator to arrive from about 4 hours away, the whole facility was put into emergency mode. No one could leave, not even for your lunch break. There was the possibility of moving patients to other facilities, but it was not necessary.

After all this activity at work, I went to pay my cable/Internet/phone bill. I questioned the amount due and told the representative we were thinking of dropping some options. Or we might switch some services to another company. I got a great price adjustment for the next 12 months. I also got a new cable modem for free ($100 value).

I get home and decide to install the modem. All is going well. I plug in the hookups and my husband plugs in the power cord. Now I download the software and this where the problem develops. It won't work. No Internet.......Nothing. After three calls to tech support, and finagling around with the wires, it is finally working. Yay!!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a smoother running day...........

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