Sunday, July 15, 2007

Round, and Round, and Round.........I'm Lost in Providence........

Well I spent 2 hours lost in my own capitol city today. The street I needed kept coming up, just the wrong way on a one way. Eventually, I got onto the end I needed just to search endlessly for a parking spot. After circling the area about four times, I found a great parking spot. The walk to the bead shop was less than a block. I was sure the cop was going to stop me if I drove past him one more time. lol

Once inside the shop, I was a bit disappointed in the service at first. I explained it was my first time there and didn't know where to find the beads I needed. Part of the explanation included the project planned for the beads. I was told with a wave of a hand, "All the seed beads are on that wall." Not good........nothing was labeled with sizes, prices, or colors. Again, I approached her, apologized for being a pest, and asked for help. This time she told me I wanted the biggest beads on that wall. Finally, on the third attempt to get help, she came over. I ended up with size 6 instead of 8 because I didn't think the crochet hook would make it through the hole of the 8s. (I forgot to bring it with me.) When asked how many beads to a vial, she gave me the wrong info. I actually sat and counted the whole vial out and it had twice as many as she said....200 beads. I only needed to buy 2 not 3 of each color.

Now, she is very pleasant to me, explaining if I buy 5 vials, the 6th one is free. I picked out 3 colors....clear, cream, and a mauve/purple color. I figured I probably won't need them for a while, but better to stash them at home. I paid, got a frequent shopper card, and left.

I then went to ACMoore to return the huge beads I had gotten last week. The same staff member was in the department when I went to look at other beads. Also, I realized I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation and a trip to the city if she had known the beads I needed were right there the whole time. They have a huge supply of seed beads on display.

Uninformed staff is a bad thing to have. I wish stores would put trained, knowledgeable people in areas they are more familiar with instead of just plopping people in an open slot. Maybe they don't realize this costs them sales in the long run.

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